Common Installation Issues

How to find you MAC address



  1. To to Start-> Accessories->Command Prompt
  2. In the Command terminal type: ipconfig /all
  3. Host Name is listed at the top
  4. Host ID / Mac address is listed next to 'Physical Address'


OS X & Linux:

  1. Open terminal
  2. In the command line type: ifconfig
  3. The Host ID / Mac address is listed as 'HWaddr'
  4. In the command line type: hostname
  5. This will output the systems hostname
  6. For domains, type: hostname --fqdn



Creating a dongle remote programming context file (.wbc)

In order to reprogram a dongle, you first need to create a file which identifies your specific dongle.

1. Confirm USB dongle is plugged into workstation / license server

2. Open a web browser (you need to have Javascript enabled)

3. In the address field, enter http://someserver:30304 where "someserver" is the name or IP address of the machine where the V-Ray licensing service is running (or localhost if you are on that machine). Click on the Get status of the server link on the page that loads. On this page, scroll down to the bottom and click on the To upgrade your licenses link. If this link doesn't appear, then you are likely using an old version of the V-Ray license server. On the machine that has the license server installed, check again your V-Ray RT installation and reinstall if needed.

4. A web-based wizard will appear. Click on the first link.

5. Wait until the remote context file is created on the server (this normally takes 10-20 seconds)

6. When the "Success!" page appears, save the remote context file by right-clicking on the link and using the "Save Link As.../Save Target As..."

7. Email this file to