PFTrack enables computer generated effects to be matched with film or video sequences no matter what their resolution. PFTrack is also a suite of analysis technologies designed to extract both detailed camera information and pixel motion data from video and film sequences and allow this data to be fully utilized within a post-production environment.

The unique geometry tracking system in PFTrack allows 3D geometry to be imported into PFTrack and then matched to sequences, making this an ideal tool for head and facial replacement meaning artists can now be confident that animated CG, when rendered and composited, will exactly match the live action.  Complex Geometry can be imported and used to solve cameras in addition to the use of automatic or user placed features.  This is perfect for problematic shots or for tracking set extension models into footage.  Using motion groups it is a simple task to extract both camera and object motion.  Any or all motions can be exported along with animated geometry if required.  Version 5.0 includes Geometry Tracking vertex weighting this allows you to paint the influence each vertex point has on the final tracking. A simple paint tool allows you to quickly paint onto the imported 3D geometry.

Building on a rock-solid camera tracking and image analysis engine, PFTrack adds exclusive technologies that stretch far beyond the capabilities of other conventional matchmoving software, empowering visual artists to recreate entire scenes within an accurate world space defined by camera metrics.


Photogrammetry Embedded

Class leading photogrammetry toolset for building accurate geometry, but with that PFTrack Twist.

Performance Capture

Multi camera motion capture, geometry tracking and object tracking. If it moves independent of the camera, we’ve got it covered.


Accurately recreate the world space, camera, and object movements of the original live action scene, and rebuild the natural environment where CG characters will exist.

Survey Solver

With direct support for raw LIDAR scans, and the unique photosurvey node, PFTrack makes quick work of immense survey data packages. Absolute precision doesn’t bring your productivity to a halt.

3D Camera Tracking

Easy to use, accurate, fast and ahead of the curve. PFTrack’s matchmove core gets your job done with class leading results.

A major new feature represents The Pixel Farm's entry into the photogrammetry market, known in PFTrack as the ‘Photomesh Node’. Photogrammetry tools are expensive, slow to process and tricky to integrate into VFX pipelines due to non industry standard file format support. Deployed in PFTracks unique tracking tree, the photogrammetry tools are intended to overcome all of these issues. Using standard digital images from any device, including DSLR's, Smart Phones and airborne drones, it is easy to reconstruct accurate meshes of any scene size that can be used for VFX, Architecture, Visualisation and even Engineering projects.

Additional Features in PFTrack 2015

  • Survey from Geometry;
    • Import geometry directly into Survey Solver to generate survey coordinates for selected trackers.
  • Blending deformable groups in Geometry Track;
    • Assign a triangle to more than one deformable group. Making Geometry Tracking more awesome than ever!
  • Extended Image Modelling Tools;
    • Use point clouds from Photo Survey node to construct 3D accurate polygonal models.
  • Support for aerial images in Photo Survey;
    • Aerial images option to improve point matching when using aerial photos (e.g. from plane or drone)
  • CUDA and OpenCL acceleration;
    • GPU acceleration of certain effects using CUDA and OpenCL processing for all platforms.*
  • Support for Alembic file format;
    • Import meshes from Alembic files and export meshes and point clouds to Alembic, as supported by major studios.**
*Support for the Apple Mac Pro is pending
**Alembic support only available on linux for initial release, OS X and Windows support to follow.


Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows Windows 7 and 8 (only 64-bit supported)
  • Mac Mac® OS X 10.10 or later (only 64-bit supported)
  • Linux CentOS 6.0 or later (only 64-bit supported)

Minimum Supported Hardware

  • Intel Core™2 Duo processor or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • 2GB available hard disk space for full content installation
  • Mouse or pointing device
  • 1920×1080 resolution monitor
  • 1GB dedicated GPU with accelerated graphics (2GB recommended)
  • OpenCL 1.2 or later / CUDA Compute Capability 3.0 or later †

† OpenCL is used exclusively on OS X. On Windows and Linux, CUDA is used for NVIDIA GPUs, and OpenCL for all other cards.

Optimal Processing

The following are recommended for optimal processing.

  • A fast (300MB/s or more) storage device. Required for optimal handling of 2K resolution footage and higher.
  • A CPU with at least 4 cores is recommended for optimal UI performance.
  • Increased RAM for data caching. Clips stored in RAM are processed far more quickly.
  • 2GB GPU is required for medium and high resolution depth map creation for photo meshing.

Open and Extensible File formats

File Export

Export 2D or 3D feature tracking data in a simple Open XML file format for easy integration into existing workflow and bespoke tools.

Export To Pixel Farm Plug-ins:

a. Pixel Farm .pbp for PFBarn
b. Pixel Farm .led for PFBarrel
c. Pixel Farm .cam for PFStable

3D camera export plug-ins provide data export to a wide range of software packages, including:

a. Softimage
b. Alias Wavefront Maya (MEL script and Maya Ascii format)
c. Discreet 3DS Max Script
d. Discreet Combustion
e. Discreet Flame/Inferno
f. Side Effects Houdini
g. Newtek Lightwave
h. Electric Image
i. Kuper Controls Motion Controller
j. Adobe After Effects
k. Apple Shake
l. Blender
m. Nuke
n. Autodesk FBX
o. Apple Motion

File Import

Import any number of test objects using the .obj file format

Supported image/movie formats:

Cineon, DPX, SGI RGB, Targa, PNG, TIFF, JPEG etc.
IFF for Maya and Shake
Quicktime movie support on Windows and OS X platforms
AVI movie support on Windows platforms
SGI, Quicktime, AVI and MPEG support on SGI platforms.



Please note: a direct internet connection is required to install and administer the licenses using the license manager. Otherwise, licenses must be managed manually

For Node-locked or Floating:

Software and licenses are delivered via email.  After downloading and installation, launching PFTrack will generate a "PFHostID", that ID is needed to generate licenses.

Floating Licenses

Pixel Farm License server (PFLic) is required to serve licenses on the network. Compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux, PFLic uses very little resources.

Additional Info

Upgrades / Support

The Pixel Farm offers the following Upgrades and Support options:

The Pixel Farm Maintenance

As of January of 2012, The Pixel Farm has changed their maintenance plan.
Software Maintenance is now based on the calendar year from Jan 01-XX to Dec 31-XX. of each year.
The Pixel Farm now has two maintenance offerings.  Software "maintenance subscription" and "Operational support subscription" (Phone support)
In order to receive the latest version of Pixel Farm software you will have to be covered by the new software maintenance agreement.

*Subscription term is January 1st through December 31st of the current calendar year regardless of the date the subscription is commenced.
**A Software Maintenance Subscription must be active for each license to be upgraded.


Software "Maintenance Subscription" (upgrades only)
Included free for each "new license" for one calendar year, The Software Maintenance Subscription provides access to all software releases for the current calendar year.* You'll benefit from ongoing product development delivered in not one, but four quarterly feature releases, in addition to maintenance releases that will be issued as required.**
Also included is access to The Pixel Farm User Forums, a great place for artists to network, share ideas and techniques, and seek answers to commonly asked questions.

*Subscription term is January 1st through December 31st of the current calendar year regardless of the date the subscription is commenced.
**A Software Maintenance Subscription must be active for each license to be upgraded.


"Operational Support Subscription" (phone support)
The Pixel Farm Support Team will assist users with everything from gaining a better understanding of the tools themselves, though advice on the most efficient and effective ways to address the artistic challenges of a particular shot. A fixed annual fee will provide access, irrespective of the number of licenses owned, and covers the latest versions of the entire Pixel Farm product line.**
In addition to software assistance, the Operational Support Subscription provides access to The Pixel Farm Training Zone - a video and print learning library being developed by The Farmers themselves to deliver training materials, tips and tricks, and other technical tidbits.


Related Products


PFTrack is compatible with the following applications:

  • Adobe AfterEffects
  • Apple Shake
  • Apple Motion
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk Softimage
  • Autodesk Sparks
  • Newtek Lightwave
  • The Foundry Nuke



Educational Licenses


Available for educational institutes and students.

  • For Educational institutions, multi-seat license discounts available, contact RFX for details.
  • All educational licenses are good for 12-months after purchase
  • A copy of student / faculty photo ID is required


Training / Resources

Go to The Pixel Farm website ( for online forums, manuals and tutorials