Text Anarchy is used for adding visual background noise, using text as a texture, or flashing words to reinforce a theme, text is an important element of your composition. Choose from Bezier paths, particle arrays, and Matrix-style patterns: Text Anarchy will generates effects while giving you fine typographic control. Also includes the Geomancy Shapes plug-ins.
Red Giant Software: Text Anarchy 2.3




Rich animations with particles
  • With particle plug-ins designed for text, you can move text in grids, lines, spirals, or other paths to create simple or complex effects. Randomness sliders add natural variations, while built-in alpha channel generation makes compositing easy.
Extensive typographic control
  • Text anarchy plug-ins give you pinpoint control over font size, kerning, tracking, leading, hinting and baseline shift — features seldom seen outside layout applications. Animate between different fonts, or scroll type across a screen.
Geomancy Shapes plug-ins included
  • For creating backgrounds and patterns of all kinds, Text Anarchy includes the Geomancy plug-ins for animating lines, squares, circles and other shapes in 3D space.

Keyframes Not Required

  • Unlike text animation in most applications, Text Anarchy does not require you to set and adjust keyframes.

Add Randomness

  • Most controls have randomness sliders to add natural-looking variation

Go Beyond Straight Lines

  • Map text to Bézier paths for sophisticated animation effects

Animate Individual Letters

  • Give each letter its own path, or add effects like Blur, Color and Scale

Scrolling Text plug-ins

  • TypeOn and ScreenText plug-ins make generation of scrolling text easy

Text, Eight Ways

  • Text Anarchy 2.1 includes the Cool Text, Font Changer, Screen Text, Text Grid, Text Hacker, Text Matrix, Text Spiral, and TypeOn plug-ins

Includes Geomancy Plug-ins

  • The Geomancy particle system contains Grid Lines, Grid Squares and Hail Lines plug-ins. Previously sold separately for $99.

Includes Anarchy Toolbox Filters

  • A selection of Toolbox filters are also in the package, including Smooth Tiler, Path Distort, Gradient, and Gradient Path.



Red Giant Software's render-only policy lets you use five (5) render-only nodes for each single (1) user license that you purchase.

With the purchase of each single-user license, you may install the software on five (5) render-only machines at no additional charge. You are required to buy more licenses to accommodate the total number of render-only machines that you use on your render farm.

The following examples illustrate the number of render-only licenses supported per user license.

  • Buy 1 license 1 workstation, 5 render-only machines (or nodes)
  • Buy 2 licenses Up to 2 workstations, up to 10 render-only machines (or nodes)
  • Buy 10 licenses Up to 10 workstations, up to 50 render-only machines (or nodes)

NOTE: If you have more than 5 render-only machines per workstation (i.e. 5 workstations and 50 render-only machines (or nodes), you are required to purchase additional full licenses to accommodate you render farm.

Render-only machines are those machines that are never used by users in a facility for creation or editing of work with our products. The render-only machines sit in or on a dedicated rack or do not have a monitor attached and are used for rendering exclusively during facility operational hours. We appreciate you respecting our licensing polices.



Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements

Apple Macintosh

Mac OSX 10.4.11 and later
Power Mac G5 or Mac Intel
1 GB of RAM
30 MB of Hard Drive space

PC / Windows

Windows XP SP1 or later

Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit
Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or faster (or AMD equivalent)
1GB of RAM
30 MB of Hard Drive space

Supported Host Application Chart

Adobe After Effects Compatibility
Host OS After Effects 6.5 After Effects 7 After Effects CS3 After Effects CS4 After Effects CS5
Mac 10.6 (Snow Leopard)        
Mac Intel      
Mac PowerPC    
Windows 7 32-bit      
Windows 7 64-bit      
Windows Vista 32-bit      
Windows Vista 64-bit      
Windows XP  

- Compatible with All Host Application Versions

- Not compatible with the Host Application

Apple Final Cut Compatibility
Host OS Final Cut Express 4.0 Final Cut Pro 5.1.4 Final Cut Pro 6 Final Cut Pro 7
Mac 10.6 (Snow Leopard)    
Mac Intel  
Mac PowerPC    
Windows 7 32-bit        
Windows 7 64-bit        
Windows Vista 32-bit        
Windows Vista 64-bit        
Windows XP        

- Compatible with All Host Application Versions

- Not compatible with the Host Application



Upon Purchase software and licenses will be delivered electronically

Licenses are Node-locked only.

Volume License Program

For facilities with (20) or more licneses, the Volume License Program offers the following benefits.

Program Benefits
Single Serial Number For Each Product

  • No need to organize 100s of serial numbers any longer.
  • With VLP you will receive 1 Volume Serial Number for each product.

Additional Info

Upgrades / Support


  • No Upgrades available at this time


RFX is available for all your support needs

Red Giant Software offers the following support options

  • Free online documentation, guides, tutorials and support
  • Free Phone support

Phone Support Policy

RedGiant is available to answer questions via phone for pre-sales and post-sales technical support. They do They're best to answer every call, however during peak times of the day or when they release a new product all representatives may be assisting other customers, they will return all messages within 24 hours.