finalRender 3.5 SE (Studio Edition) is the perfect choice for bigger production houses and advanced users seeking the maximum in quality and flexibility, while finalRender 3.5 is targeted to the mainstream user base for 3ds Max 2010-2012 and 3ds Max Design 20109-2012


 finalRender 3.5 SE Features

  • all features and functions of finalRender R3
  • pyroCluster 3.5 (without mental ray shaders)
  • finalToon R3
  • former finalShaders shaders (unlimited network render license)

Studio Edition contains all of the Standard Edition Features and the following:

  • Render Elements AA Control
  • PyroCluster



  • An advanced texture map optimized for maximum flexibility and performance. Now, you control the colors in 3D space, relative to the bounding volume of the object, the world bounding box or even absolute object measures. fR-3DGradient lets you create an unlimited amount of material properties you could not have dreamed of - from easy linear color ramps to 3D fire effects - an extrodinary number of possibilities exist, all with a simple and easy-to-use interface.  Changes made to the texture are shown realtime in the material editor.




  • Have you ever tried to render a CD-ROM or even animate such a beast?  Using standard 3ds max tools and materials makes it nearly impossible. Adjusting the spectral rainbow colors correctly is just a huge task; arranging the colorful streaks, always pointing to the center of the CD, is very tedious. The fR-CD shader/material manages the interaction of light rays, which hit the surface, based on true optical effects. A freely adjustable spectral color gradient lets you define the angle at which a color should be reflected. As you move your camera, light, or object the CD-ROM effect changes accordingly.


  • A real-time convex and concave Shader that takes the curvature of a mesh and maps it with colors, maps, and textures. You can also use as a spectacular tool for masking other maps, as well as creating effects, like real-time ambient occlusion, dirt, and powerful sub surface scattering masks.


  • Creating surfaces with hundreds of hairs may be easy to do, but creating a surface with hundreds of thousands of short hairs is nearly impossible to achieve.  fR-DistantFur is a special fur shader material for finalRender R3 SE, which allows the rendering of surfaces with nearly an unlimited amount of "micro fur", or short hair.  This material render effect works for distant objects only.  A horse, cow, dog, or even a zebra in full scale view, are perfect subjects for the fR-DistantFur shader/material.  fR-DistantFur also simulates cloth or any subtly furry looking objects.


  • The perfect material to simulate electron microscope imagery.  Besides the really cool rendering effect, the material may also be used for superb metallic effects or any other kind of advanced material.




  • Do you need to render a landscape with sand, rocks, snow...?  fR-Elevation offers all the control you need to set up a landscape in no time at all.  An unlimited and expandable amount of layers, each with its own material, allow you to define exactly at which height snow, water, rocks or sand should appear and how they can be blended.


  • fR-Fastskin is the newest innovation in fast and accurate skin shading for realistic and hyper-realistic characters. fR-Fastskin has a short set of parameters that allow artists to immediately begin creating. There is no more fiddling around with 40 different settings with fR-FastSkin.


  • The focus of this material is to simulate the famous ghost-like effect as seen in many Hollywood block buster movies.   However, this material was designed with versatility, so that it can be used in many other creative ways.


  • This texture map is available in the finalRender R3 SE version, only.  Its main purpose is to automatically fade the texture map to black, based on the distance to the surface of the object to which it is applied.  One or more "exterior" objects may also be chosen to measure the distance between the surface to which the map is applied and the picked object(s).

fR-Ocean Material

  • A special purpose material for use with the fR-Ocean object. As the name of the material indicates, it is meant for creating water and ocean water like effects.  Thanks to its special connection to the fR-Ocean Object, automatic foam rendering effects can be easily performed with this material as well. Physical properties, like water depth and light absorption as the light travels into the ocean water, including simulated plankton, are a core part of this shader.

Ocean of TZeapots


fR-Ocean Object

  • a standard 3ds Max object used to simulate large scale water surfaces, where the scale can be as small as a pool or a pond and as large as the whole ocean.  The ocean object behaves like any other 3ds Max parametric mesh object and can be easily adjusted and animated in near realtime.
  • Advanced automatic Level-of-Detail algorithms ensure a low memory footprint and an optimal rendering speed with the highest amount of surface detail possible.  Along with the fR-Ocean material, believable and photoreal water surfaces can be created easily and in a short amount of time.

fR-ReWraper Material

  • Render Elements can be individually "changed" by material.  A Refractive object in the beauty pass may appear solid, or with a different color, in the Refraction Render Element.  Many aspects of an element created by a material can be easily changed or overwritten by this new material type.


finalRender 3.5 and 3.5 SE comparison Table

         SE        Standard 
Render Core Yes Yes
Linear Workflow Yes Yes
Render Elements AA control Yes  
finalToon Yes Yes
PyroCluster Yes  
3D-Stereo Camera Yes Yes
Render Effects
Reinhard Tone Mapper Yes  
Object Types
fR-Scatter Yes Yes
fR-Proxy Yes Yes
fR-Ocean Yes  
Area Lights
Cylinder Light Yes Yes
Dome Light Yes Yes
Object Light Yes Yes
Particle Light Yes Yes
Rectangular Light Yes Yes
fR-2 Sided Yes Yes
fR-Advanced Yes Yes
fR-Architectural Yes Yes
fR-CarPaint Yes Yes
fR-CarPaint2 Yes  
fR-Dirt Yes Yes
fR-Fillet Yes Yes
fR-Glass Yes Yes
fR-Light Yes Yes
fR-Matte/Shadow Yes Yes
Matte/Shadow Self Shadows Yes  
No Shadows from other Mattes Yes  
fR-Metal Yes Yes
fR-MultiMtl Yes Yes
fR-Ocean Yes  
fR-Override Yes Yes
fR-RE Wrapper Yes  
fR-Skin Yes Yes
fR-Skin2 Yes  
fR-Volume Solid Yes  
fR-CD Yes  
fR-DistantFur Yes  
fR-Electron Yes  
fR-Elevation Yes  
fR-Fast Skin Yes  
fR-Ghost Yes  
fR-Layer Yes Yes
fR-ThinFilm Yes  
fR-Velvet Yes  
fR-Volumetric Yes Yes
fR-Wax Yes Yes
fR-Wet Yes  
fR-Wire Yes Yes
fR-X-Ray Yes  
Texture Maps
Bitmap HDR Yes Yes
fR-3D Gradient Yes  
fR-Ambient Occlusion Yes Yes
fR-Color-Correct Yes Yes
fR-Curvature Yes  
fR-DirtTex Yes Yes
fR-Layer Map Yes Yes
fR-Mesh Distance Yes  
fR-Multi/Sub Map Yes Yes
fR-PhysicalSky Yes Yes
fR-Raytrace Yes Yes
fR-Tension Yes  
Render Elements
fR AA Sampling Yes  
fR Alpha Yes Yes
fR Ambient Yes Yes
fR Ambient Occlusion Yes Yes
fR Caustics Yes Yes
fR Complete Yes  
fR Diffuse Yes Yes
fR Dirt Yes Yes
fR Global Illumination Yes Yes
fR Lighting Yes Yes
fR Material Yes  
fR Normal Yes Yes
fR Object-Material ID (Matte Options) Yes  
fR Reflection Yes Yes
fR Reflection (Alpha from Reflection switch)   Yes  
fR Refraction Yes Yes
fR Refraction (Alpha from Refraction switch)   Yes  
fR Self Illumination Yes Yes
fR Shadows Yes Yes
fR Speculars Yes Yes
fR Sub-Surface Scattering Yes Yes
fR Velocity Yes Yes
fR Vignetting Yes  
fR Z-Depth Yes Yes
Object Properties:Matte/Shadow
Matte/Shadow Self Shadows Yes  
No Shadows from other Mattes Yes  
Main Raytracer Dialog:Motion Blur
TM Sampling Yes  
Main finalRender Dialog
Render Element Passes Yes  


Version / Release Updates

finalRender 3.5 SE SP11

Changes in finalRender 3.5 Service Pack 11 include:

  • CORE: A few issues with caustics producing inaccurate surfaces as a result are now fixed
  • CORE: Rare incidents of crashing with extruded splines have been addressed
  • SHADERS: Rare incidents of the velvet shader causing 3ds Max to crash have been addressed
  • SHADERS: Gradient 3d map rollout is now added
  • SHADERS: Issues with tension and curvature are also fixed

finalRender 3.5 SP11 is available as a free download to all registered customers.

For more information contact RFX.




Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Windows 32 Bit & 64 Bit


  • 3ds Max 2011, 2010 and 2009
  • 3ds Max Design 2011, 2010 and 2009


All CEBAS product licenses are floating licenses.  CEBAS product downloads include floating license manager. 

If running on a single workstation, you can install the license manager on it alongside the main application.

The installer that is downloaded includes installation options for license manager, Plug-in and render node.

For network licenses you must install the license manager on your license server first then activate your key on the license server.  After that you can install the Plug-in on your 3ds Max workstation, launch 3ds Max and access the plug-in from within. When you first attempt to use the Plug-in you will be prompted to activate or give a license server host name. Once you enter your license server info you will be able to use the plugin.

For render nodes, follow the same steps above for the workstation, after you have successfully accessed the plugin from within 3ds Max on the render node, shutdown 3ds Max and your done.

*Unlimited Network Rendering

Additional Info



  • Upgrade from finalRender R1 to R3 Studio Edition
  • Upgrade from finalRender R2 to R3 Studio Edition
  • Upgrade from finalRender R3 to R3 Studio Edition


RFX is available for all your support needs.

  • CEBAS offers email support and online Wiki support page