SEQUOIA is a Stand-Alone Application for Point Cloud Processing and Meshing.

The following concepts lie in the foundation of the system:

Asynchronous: SEQUOIA handles user interaction and data processing asynchronously to ensure interactivity even during heavy calculations.

Multi-Threaded: SEQUOIA was designed from the ground up to take advantage of modern multi-processor systems.

Multi-Document: SEQUOIA lets you work on multiple documents at the same time, even side-by-side.

Auto-Caching: Data like the results of a meshing calculation will be cached automatically and can be accessed at a later point if the same parameters are specified by the user without additional processing.

Out-Of-Core: Data processing can be performed successfully even if the system memory does not allow all data to be loaded at once.


Sequoia Features


Import, Convert, and Export Point Data Files

  • SEQUOIA reads industry-standard Point Data formats, including CSV, .E57, .LAS, .LAZ, .PLY, .PRT, .PTG, .PTS, .PTX, .XYZ
  • SEQUOIA provides tools for batch-conversion of large number of source Point Data files into supported output formats.
  • SEQUOIA provides an integrated DEADLINE submitter for performing conversion on the network or on the Cloud.


Explore Large Point Cloud Datasets On Any Hardware

  • SEQUOIA converts Point Data to a spatially-organized and well-compressed .SPRT file format.
  • .SPRT allows efficient storage and random access to sub-sets of large point clouds, with hundreds of billions of points.
  • Typical Point Data channels like Color, Intensity, Normal etc. can be visualized as Color in the Viewports.
  • Point Shape, Size and Transparency can be controlled per Viewport.
  • Point Limits can be defined per Point Loader object, and per Viewport.
  • Multiple Levels Of Detail can be loaded in a view-dependent manner, while respecting Point Limits.
  • SEQUOIA can adapt to any hardware, from Microsoft Surface Pro tablets through laptops to graphics workstations.


Define Regions For Viewing, Saving And Meshing

  • SEQUOIA provides a gizmo-based Region Of Interest object for filtering incoming point data.
  • The Region Of Interest object can include points that are either inside, or outside the gizmo.
  • The gizmo can be adjusted numerically, interactively, or transformed freely using the Move, Rotate and Scale tools.
  • Multiple Region Of Interest objects can be chained or branched to combine or exclude multiple point data subsets.


Create And Export Watertight Or Single-Sided Meshes

  • SEQUOIA creates a watertight mesh from one or more Point Data sources using one of several meshing algorithms.
  • SEQUOIA can clean up the resulting mesh by removing detached "islands" using polygon count or area thresholds.
  • SEQUOIA can optionally remove one side of the mesh based on polygon vs. point data Normals (non-water-tight output).
  • SEQUOIA provides operators to conform the mesh to the point cloud's surface, relax the mesh, clean up channels etc.
  • SEQUOIA can perform distributed meshing on the workstation, the local network, or the Cloud using the Hacksaw feature.


Project Images On Points And Meshes

  • SEQUOIA lets you project images onto both Points and Meshes.
  • Projection modes include Orthographic and Perspective Planar images, Panoramic, Spherical and Cubic projections.
  • Projections can be aligned interactively by matching as least four 2D points on the image with 3D points on the object.
  • Screenshots of SEQUOIA Viewports can be re-projected onto objects.
    • For example, texture a low-resolution mesh with a high-resolution screenshot of the mesh or the point cloud.
  • The order of projection blending can be controlled using a familiar Photoshop-style Projection Layers dialog.
  • Projections can be occluded by points and/or geometry, and can be blended based on Alpha channel and surface Normals.
  • Projections can be exported with the mesh either as a single unwrapped UV texture map, as PTex, or as Vertex Colors.


Import And Export Mesh Files In Several Formats

  • SEQUOIA can read and write several industry-standard mesh formats: .OBJ, .PLY, .STL, and Thinkbox .XMESH.
  • SEQUOIA offers a Batch processing tool for mass-importing mesh files.
  • SEQUOIA provides a Batch exporter for exporting multiple mesh objects to multiple mesh files, or to a single file. 
  • The HACKSAW feature can save multiple "Partitions" of a single mesh as a sequence of mesh files in any supported format.
  • A single SEQUOIA Mesh Loader object can load all or a fraction of a Partition file sequence.
  • The Partition meshes can be exported as a single mesh if desired, and can be optionally welded to a continuous mesh.


Create Turntable And Camera Walkthrough Animations 

  • SEQUOIA supports both procedural and keyframed animations of objects and cameras.
  • A dedicated Turntable procedural animation generator can animate any object about
    • the world origin using any axis
    • the local origin using any axis
    • any other object's pivot point using any axis
  • Any number of Camera objects can be created, animated and associated with Viewports.
  • A Camera can be animated as any other object using a Turntable animation.
  • A Camera can be animated freely using keyframes set via a thumbnail-based Timeline.
  • Keyframes can use explicit PRS data, another animated object's transforms, or both.
  • Multiple animations can be played in-sync, or side-by-side with independent timing.
  • Viewports can be saved to animated image sequences.


Version / Release Updates

Sequoia 1.1 announced:

Developments include:

  • Processing double the speed of v1.0
  • Native Linux support
  • New workflows capable of maintaining geo-referenced data precision
  • Simplified process of exporting textured mesh data to 3D applications and game engines.
  • Baking high-resolution point colors to texture maps


  • Support for new point cloud file formats, including Zoller + Fröhlich and Riegl;
  • New mesh file formats, including Autodesk .FBX, U3D, and 3D PDF; and
  • New image file formats .CIN, .DPX, .HDR and .SGI.




Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements


SEQUOIA runs on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

Scalable: SEQUOIA runs on a wide range of hardware, from dedicated 3D graphics workstations through gaming PC, laptops, and even Microsoft Surface Pro tablets.

DEADLINE and Cloud-Ready: SEQUOIA supports point data conversion and meshing operations, including "Hacksaw" distributed meshing, using Thinkbox Software's DEADLINE Compute Management Solution. A plugin for DEADLINE, as well as two network processing licenses, are included with the SEQUOIA package.

Consistent User Experience: The SEQUOIA User Interface is build on Qt technology and provides the same look and feel across platforms.

Additional Info


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Sequoia is available as a monthly, yearly or perpetual license