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Autodesk 30% off Promo

July 10th to October 20th, 2017

30% on 1-year or 3-year Autodesk Subscriptions (Rentals)

  • Existing customers can save up to 30% on 1-year or 3-year Subscriptions to any eligible product when they trade in their older perpetual licenses.

  • Get the latest version of Maya, 3ds Max or a Media & Entertainment Collection.


End-to-end creative tools for entertainment creation

The Media & Entertainment Collection lets animators, modelers, and visual effects artists access the tools they need to create compelling effects, believable 3D characters, and massive digital worlds. Move assets quickly between creative tools with one-click workflows.

The Autodesk Media & Entertainment Industry Collection includes the following:

Autodesk Maya

  • An end-to-end CG animation workflow
  • Extensive 3D animation software tools, innovative simulation technologies, and advanced compositing capabilities
  • Academy Award®-winning creative tools
  • Powerful, flexible, open framework for better implementation of conceptual ideas
  • Support for Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS® X, and Linux® operating systems

Autodesk 3ds Max

  • A comprehensive, turnkey 3D modeling, animation, rendering, and compositing solution
  • Flexible creative tools and extensive polygon modeling capabilities
  • Efficient character animation software with an integrated Biped toolset
  • Broad range of tightly integrated rendering capabilities


Autodesk MotionBuilder

  • Real-time character animation software, renowned for its retargeting and motion capture data editing capabilities
  • Enables animators to take on demanding, high-volume projects
  • An ideal solution for virtual cinematography, pre-visualization, performance animation, and real-time character simulations
  • Interoperable with Maya and 3ds Max

Autodesk Mudbox

  • A premier digital sculpting and 3D painting software
  • Supports the creation of highly detailed 3D characters and environments
  • Highly intuitive organic modeling and painting tools
  • Easy integration into existing production pipelines
  • Support for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems 


  • Character Generator
  • Rendering in A360
  • ReCap 360 Pro
  • Cloud Storage (25GB)


Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements

Hardware and Operating system requirements vary between each title found in the suite. 
For more details please visit each of the products pages on our site.

Autodesk Maya

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk Softimage

Autodesk Motion Builder

Autodesk Mudbox



Standalone and Network Licenses are available. Standalone licenses can be transferred from computer to computer via online license transfer utility.

Network licenses require the use of a dedicated license server running LMtools. LMTools is available for Windows, OSX & Linux platforms.  Network licenses can be checked out off the network for a user-specified amount of time.  The License checkout utility requires active subscription in order to function.

Network licenses can not be split between workstations. For example, with (1) network seat of the Media & Entertainment Collection, a user can run 3ds Max, Mudbox, Motion Builder and Softimage all at the same time.  However, the user cannot run 3ds Max on one computer and run Motion Builder, MudBox, etc on another computer at the same time.

Additional Info

Upgrades / Support


Desktop Subscription (rental)

  • Software upgrades
  • Exclusive updates
  • Access to training and learning materials
  • Entitlement to use in previous versions
  • Home-Use licensing
  • Enhanced license management tools

Subscription / Gold Support

  • Includes all of the Subscription benefits above, plus
  • Unlimited Phone and Web Support
  • Access to SDK and API Support
  • Defect Tracking


 RFX is available for all your support needs.

  • Autodesk provides initial installation support upon purchase
  • Unlimited Phone and Web Support available with Subscription / Gold Support (see above)



Training / Resources

Go to Area for Autodesk tutorials, tips, downloads and forums.