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July 10th to October 20th, 2017

30% on 1-year or 3-year Autodesk Subscriptions (Rentals)

  • Existing customers can save up to 30% on 1-year or 3-year Subscriptions to any eligible product when they trade in their older perpetual licenses.

  • Get the latest version of Maya, 3ds Max or a Media & Entertainment Collection.






Iterate faster with a totally integrated review system – simple, visual tools that keep teams connected across desktops, browsers, and mobile devices.


An easy way to find media fast, then upload, organize, review, and share it.


With a fully-integrated native RV player, artists can access high-res frames, compare multiple versions, and play back local media super fast. Learn more about RV.


Stay connected while you’re on the run. Browse project media, review notes, and give visual feedback -- all from the palm of your hand.


Share media with clients on mobile devices securely, with one click. Their viewing experience has your studio’s branding and their notes come back directly into the system.


As people work on parts of the project, they can submit movies and images to Shotgun where others can review them. Organize multiple submissions into a playlist, then launch it in the native RV player.


Draw right on the picture or type your notes and send them from your browser, desktop or mobile device. Artists will receive a note with the annotated images so they know exactly what to do.



Create and communicate the plan of attack, then roll with constant changes while you deliver on time and on budget (without losing your mind).


Track film shots and assets, game levels, software project tickets – whatever you’re building, and their status. Customize easily with templates.


Plan your crew and schedule people to projects and milestones so you always know who’s booked, free, or out.


Schedule the details about who’s doing what, when. Tasks are attached to shots and assets, then tracked. Managers view a chart of all tasks, artists just see their own.


Fast, fluid note-taking that keeps communications out of email and tied to tasks. A separate Inbox allows artists to see activity on all the things that are important to their work.


Design custom reports from live production data easily. Filter them with quick text searches or advanced queries.


Import data from spreadsheets, track custom metadata, fields, and status, fine-tune permission control and custom



Keep artists focused on creating with in-app tools that help them move faster. Use our simple asset management features that organize files and track work automatically, or build your own with our development framework.


Shotgun’s Loader and Publisher save files in the right place and find/load them automatically, and a template-based File Management system creates the folder structure and file names for you. These simple, visual apps work across your creative tools and are totally pipeline friendly.


Out-of-the-box integration with tools artists use every day – Nuke, Maya, Photoshop, Houdini, and many more, plus Review tools like cineSync and render managers Deadline, Qube! and Rush.


Give artists direct access to key productivity tools from the desktop. There’s no need to go back to a browser, remember installation steps, or deal with command line.


Build, deploy and manage the custom tools and integrations your studio needs with our pipeline toolkit and Python API. All of the source for our integrations and tools is available on GitHub for you to download or fork.

We think pipeline developers are superheroes, doing amazing things for their studios, and we’re determined to build a community of the best developers out there and arm them with the tools they need to do hero work. 600 studios strong, we hope you’ll join us. Hop on the Shotgun and Pipeline Toolkit forums or join the shotgun-dev mailing list.

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