finalDOF is cebas' effects tool for 3ds Max. finalDOF is an all purpose Depth Of Field (DOF) & Motion Blur render effect for 3ds Max 2010-2012 and 3ds Max Design 2010-2012, (32 & 64 bit).

finalDOF is the first plug-in ever to break the borders of the newly introduced layered G-Buffer channels of 3ds Max. With its full support of unlimited G-Buffer channels, finalDOF outperforms any standard 3ds Max Render Effect. High quality Anti Aliasing Reconstruction, after applying a render effect, is only possible with the use of all sub pixel information available from the renderer. 

Every 3ds Max Conform Renderer, with full support of layered G-Buffer channels, can benefit from the immense render power of finalDOF. finalDOF  renders in near REALTIME and allows interactive rendering of DOF and motion blur effects directly from within 3ds Max.



finalDOF 1.5 New Features


• Interactive Depth of Field and Motion Blur render effect

• True Bokeh render effect based on HDRI information

• Advanced Distance Based Tinting feature

• Full DOF control through freely adjustable range curves

• Independent curve Controls for front and back Blur

• Advanced Blur depth blending with near zero DOF edge artifacts

• Combined DOF & Motion Blur to get ultra fast render results

• Advanced interactive Motion Blur render effect

• Selective Motion Blur Rendering

• Multi-Layered Motion Blur Render Effect

• Full scene or selective camera Motion Blur

• True vector based Motion Blur (rotation, movement)

• HDRI support for Motion Blur & DOF effects

finalDOF also supports OpenEXR

finalDOF Image


finalDOF Features


  • The word "bokeh" comes from the Japanese word "boke" (pronounced bo-keh) which literally means fuzziness or blurry.  finalDOF 1.5 can simulate this natural out of focus effect that very often reveals the shape of the lens. It appears that bright lights or surfaces out of focus create more or less strong Bokeh effects. This is exactly the way it works in finalDOF, HDR-Image information is used to calculate a natural Bokeh effect that changes smoothly according to the intensity of information stored in each pixel of the HDR-Image.DOF lED Sample Image


Vector Occlusion

  • finalMBlur™, the motion blur module of finalDOF 1.5, is a very powerful Render Effect to create amazing images in no time at all. finalMBlur is as easy to use as the standard Image Motion Blur of 3ds Max. No new tools or methods have to be learned at all.
  • In contrast to 3ds Max's own image motion blur, the implementation of finalDOF 1.5 offers a much higher image quality and more speed! As shown in the sample illustrations below 3ds max' image motion blur effect is more than unusable for complex tasks. Multiple objects overlapping with each other are impossible to render with standard 3ds max image motion blur tools. Thanks to the advanced rendering technology with full support of layered G-Buffer channels, finalDOF 1.5 can do things like no other product on the market.
  • Besides the 3ds Max scanline renderer, finalRender R3 or R3 SE is yet the only advanced raytracing system to support layered G-Buffer channels along with the render occluded option. Other rendering systems on the market either do not offer layered G-Buffer support within 3ds max or their implementation is not properly done.

Particle Motion Blur

  • finalMBlur, the motion blur module of finalDOF 1.5, is able to render a motion blur effect even on a vast amount of overlapping geometry. This situation usually occurs whenever a mass of particles is used.  Every single particle is properly tracked to get the best motion blur result possible.


True Mesh Motion Tracking

  • finalDOF's motion blur module supports all common cases of motion blur effects that can occur. From simple object movement to high resolution rotational vector based motion blur, everything can be done in the least amount of render time.  Animated mesh deformation, one of the really critical tasks in image based motion blur calculation, is also handled extremely well by finalDOF 1.5 .


Multi-Trail Feature

  • Special motion blur parameters allow you to define how the motion blur is calculated and how it should be applied to the final image.  In the illustrations shown below the pendulum moves exactly in the same direction with the same speed.



  • The motion blur module of finalDOF 1.5, is a 3ds Max Render Effect rendering at interactive frame rates even when a motion blur has been applied to one or more objects in the scene.  In addition, motion blur can also be applied to the camera object itself to simulate a fast moving camera where everything is blurred in a scene.


Multi-Layered Depth of Field

  • When multiple objects are overlapping into the distance, finalDOF 1.5 has no problem delineating artifact free edges rendered with proper DOF.


Real Time Feedback

  • finalDOF 1.5 along with its finalMBlur module offers near realtime feedback when changing DOF or motion blur parameters.
  • Thanks to the incredible rendering speed of the motion blur and DOF it is no longer a problem to find the perfect setting for your rendering. When changing the range curves, for example, you can see immediately the blur intensities update in the rendering.


Blur Ranges Curves

  • Two independent curve controls allow the user to adjust the amount of blurring into the distance or towards the camera. The strength of the blur based on the distance can also be controlled in detail.


Distance Tint

  • Adds an overall tint to the scene based on the near and far ranges as seen from the focal point.


Selective Camera Motion Blur

  • A camera motion blur can be assigned to the whole scene, so when there is a fast camera movement, all objects are blurred just as in the real world. However, the finalMBlur render effect also allows for the selection of individual objects to be affected by the motion blur effect, or not.  Restricting a motion blur effect to selected objects is a very powerful feature, allowing you to create many artistic and special effects

Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements

Windows 32 Bit & 64 Bit

Works with:

  • 3ds Max 2011, 2010, 2009 and 2008
  • 3ds Max Design 2011, 2010 and 2009

Supported Platforms:

  • Autodesk VIZ 2005-2007
  • 3ds Max 6-2009
  • 32 and 64-bit

Suggested System:

  • An installed network card
  • Minimum RAM 512 MB
  • WindowsXP/Win2003
  • P4HT or Athlon64
  • 300MB free Disk Space
  • Any renderer with layered G-Buffer support




All CEBAS product licenses are floating licenses.  CEBAS product downloads include floating license manager. 

If running on a single workstation, you can install the license manager on it alongside the main application.

The installer that is downloaded includes installation options for license manager, Plug-in and render node.

For network licenses you must install the license manager on your license server first then activate your key on the license server.  After that you can install the Plug-in on your 3ds Max workstation, launch 3ds Max and access the plug-in from within. When you first attempt to use the Plug-in you will be prompted to activate or give a license server host name. Once you enter your license server info you will be able to use the plugin.

Additional Info


No upgrades available at this time


RFX is available for all your support needs.

  • CEBAS offers email support and online Wiki support page