AIR Stream is a new rendering plug-in for Maya designed to provide an easy-to-use Maya to AIR workflow. AIR Stream was created to meet the demands of visual effects production, and earlier versions of the plug-in have already been used successfully on several projects.

AIR Stream is available at no charge. The free AIR Stream plug-in can be downloaded here.


New Features in Air Stream for Maya 2.0


  • Render Maya fluids as surfaces or volumes 
  • Support for Joe Alter's Shave and a Haircut 
  • Builds for Maya 2014 
  • Air volume shaders may be used for atmospheric effects 
  • Improved stereo rendering support 
  • Automatic translation for many mental ray shaders 
  • Indirect controls for the new radiosity cache in Air 13 
  • Controls for the new curve tapering attributes in Air 13 
  • Shader and display support for the new additive shadow channel in Air 13 

Air Stream for Maya is a free download from the SiTex Graphics web site: 



 Flexible Output

  • Multiple output channels and images per render
  • Per-light channels for re-lighting in post
  • Simple grouping and matting per channel


Advanced Shading

  • Automatic translation of Maya shading networks
  • Air shader support, including imager, instancer, and environment shaders
  • Combine Air and Maya shaders in a single network
  • Air RenderMan®-compatible shaders
  • DarkTree procedural shaders
  • Ptex for per-face texture mapping
  • Simple controls for ray tracing and global illumination


Scalable Performance

  • Efficient rendering of complex scenes such as Massive crowds
  • Automatically generate and use archives for efficient scene export


Complex Shapes

  • Extensive particle support
  • Maya fur and hair including IPR shading
  • Hair and fur created with Joe Alter’s Shave and a Haircut
  • Powerful instancing for particles, surfaces, curves, and fur



  • Interactive preview rendering with TweakAir


Texture Baking

  • Bake shading and lighting to textures with BakeAir
And more
  • Render hair and fur from Joe Alter’s Shave and a Haircut
  • Faster indirect lighting with a new radiosity cache
  • Crop window for Air Show preview rendering
  • Preliminary support for rendering Maya fluids

Specifications & Licensing


Maya versions: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Operation systems: 32-bit Windows, 64-bit Windows, 64-bit Linux

Additional Info