AtomKraft is a powerful and interactive 3D toolkit for Nuke. AtomKraft's AtomRender node works as a drop-in replacement for Nuke's Scanline Render node: it is designed to fully interpret Nuke's 3D system and access Nuke's 2D image ops data. AtomRender embeds 3Delight, the fast, hybrid REYES/RAYS, offline productionrender engine. AtomKraft's toolkit minimizes the need of going back to 3D in this stage of the production pipeline by loading 'assets' straight from your 3D applications, such as: Alembic (ABC) geometries, cameras & procedurals, Houdini (B)GEO, Cortex procedurals, RenderMan RIB scene fragments, RenderMan RSL1 & RS2, Wavefront OBJ. It facilitates the tasks of generating 3D environments with camera mapping/projections. It speeds up thepre-viz stage by allowing compers to quickly "hack up" shots for early review. It allows inserting 3D elements in the late comp stage (when going back to 3D is not an option) thus becoming a great "fixing tool" for Nuke. It allows you to explore tons of creative possibilities developing your looks, lighting your assets and render boosting your image quality/speed to new levels all while staying comfortably within Nuke!



 Built by industry nerds

Like you, we love VFX. We love it so much, we decided to help people to do it easier, better & faster, so you can go to the party earlier. AtomKraft is built for you!


 For Nuke/NukeX 6.2 & 6.3

AtomKraft is designed to work seamlessly with Nuke/NukeX 6.3 & 6.2. Start using it as a drop-in replacement for the Nuke ScanlineRender, then add all mind-blowing features for asset loading & handling, geometry modifications, matte painting, camera mapping, shading, lighting & rendering.


 X-platform, 64bit, multi-threaded

Available on all 64bit platforms: Linux, MacOSX and Windows. Fully multi-threaded in the full version and limited to two rendering threads for the free version.


 Physically plausible shading

The whole AtomKraft shading pipeline is physically plausible and written in modern RSL 2.0 , with vast use of class-based (co-)shaders, which you can also nest in the Nuke node graph. Photo-surrealistic effects are also available since you can load any shader with AtomShaderand you have access to outline rendering in AtomRender.


 2-Threaded FREE version!

A free, yes "free-as-in-beer, version of AtomKraft is available to anyone right now! It's rendering power is limited to 2 rendering threads, but it is fully featured, time unlimited and allows commercial usage. Beware: no support and limit one license per customer or site.


 3D Motion Blur & Bokeh/DOF

Film-quality real 3D motion blur and "bokeh" (depth of field) are at your fingertips. AtomKraft is the first commercial application providing 3D motion blur ON by default, thanks to the power provided by its rendering engine you can safely motion blur displacements, subdivision surfaces and ray-trace shadows at little or no additional cost.


 Procedural Geometry

AtomReadAsset supports creationg of AtomAsset nodes from Alembic procedurals: geometry is never loaded into Nuke and is only procedurally loaded at render time. Additionally archives can be exanded automatically in their sub-elements. Works solely with ABC archives.


 Multiple Render Channels

A large number of render channels (AOVs) are available. Just connect an AtomRender node and look at the channel list on the top-left of the Viewer! Moreover per-light render channels (diffuse, specular & contact_shadows) are dynamically generated from any light node on a category name basis!


 Advanced Ray-tracing effects

AtomKraft brings into Nuke all advanced ray-tracing effects such as: global illumination, ambient/environment occlusion, image-based HDRI lighting & shadowing, (soft) area shadows, (glossy) reflections/refractions. Some of these effects are also available in super fast spherical harmonics algorithms!


 Fully Integrated in Nuke/NukeX

Supports the whole of Nuke/NukeX 6.3/6.2 3D features and nodes: geometry, geo modifiers, materials, lights, cameras, particles and displacement, all this with a seamless integration in the rendering viewer and in the node-based graph.


Super Responsive

AtomKraft will shock you with its responsiveness. We have built in unique features such as progressive degradation, which degrades gracefully at proxy resolution, making rendering a lighting-fast bliss. Moreover the shading framework decouples lighting from shadowing and uses MIS (Multiple Importance Sampling) techniques.


 Hi-Fi texture Baking & Filtering

In AtomRender you can choose to work in Live texturing mode in the GUI and with mip-mapped Baked filtered textured mode when rendering, this provides instant feedback in the creation phase and proper and automatic filtering when rendering your comps. The AtomTexturenode let's you also choose control this in a fine grained texture-basis.


 Programmable RSL Shading

Brings into Nuke the power of the industry standard RSL 1.0 and RSL 2.0 (RenderMan Shading Language). You can freely use & mix Nuke materials, AtomKraft materials and load-in your own RSL shaders with the AtomShadernode. Moreover all shaders are JIT compiled to SSE on the fly to reduce shading evaluation to the barebone.


 Micropolygon Displacement

Surface details are key for beautiful imagery: micropolygon displacement enrich your looks and performs super-fast with motion blur & raytraced shadows. Aside from Nuke'sDisplacement Node, our AtomDisplacement node, present both in Nuke 6.3 an 6,2, supports a multitude of inputs (LuminanceRR, GBAverage,) and effects including standardbumpnormal, and multi-directionalVDM from Mudbox/ZBrush.



Full support in loading/writing native Alembic geometry, ABC cameras & ABC procedurals. Loading of Wavefront OBJRenderMan RIB scene fragments including shaders & textures from 3Delight for Maya, 3Delight for Softimage & Houdini ROPs, RenderMan RSL shaders & co-shaders (both source-based .sl and pre-compiled .sdl),Houdini (B)GEO (both H11 and JSON-style H12), Cortexprocedurals and much more to come!


 Particle Rendering

Full support of NukeX 6.3 particles, with extra ability to choose multiple rendering types: pointsdisks,spritesspheres and blobbies. Additionally you can turn any Nuke geometry into particles, regardless from Nuke version (both Nuke, NukeX and 6.3, 6.2.


 Fast-pace Development

We built with avg. weekly frequence for customers under support and mwe maintain with a super-fast and continuosly integrated GIT-powered development cycle. Check the Full Version Change-log for the list of changes between incremental versions.


 Hacked on Jupiter

This software is proudly brought to you by the experienced band of designers, architects, mathematicians, magicians, hackers, painters, poets, skiiers & surfers back on Jupiter.



Specifications & Licensing

All licenses are floating and are managed by a proprietary program called 'Licserver' similar to the license server utilized by the software product '3Delight'.  The licenses are locked to your license servers Host-ID, Mac / Ethernet / Hardware address.
*If you currently run '3Delight' on your network, you will have to combine your AtomKraft license file with your 3Delight license file. Call RFX for more information.
AtomKraft licenses are available in (3) flavors.
Full License - Permanent, GUI + Command Line with Unlimited Rendering Threads for Workstations
Batch License - Permanent, Command line only with Unlimited Rendering Threads for Render Nodes

  • Requires 1-to-1 Nuke Batch Render licenses for each render node.

Educational - Yearly, (10) Pack, Educational only (no commercial use) with Unlimited Rendering Threads

  • Non-Commercial

Volume - 50x Seats or more of either interactive or Batch. Contact RFX for details

Additional Info

All new licenses automatically include support for (1) year. 
Renewals available for Full, Batch and Educational licenses.

Support includes:

  • Weekly updates
  • Major upgrades
  • E-Mail support
  • Track issues
  • Access Forums
  • Consult Documentation
  • See Videos

Without Support:

  • Access Forums
  • Consult Docs
  • See Videos

Additional Support info

  • Support (maintenance) entitles of product updates, technical support assistance via e-mail, access to theissue tracker to report/track issues.
  • The 1 year period starts automatically from the purchase date.
  • If you have more than 1 license, supports needs to be purchased/renewed for all your licenses, meaning you cannot have 7 licenses with support and 3 without.
  • When support is about to expire you will be automatically notified and able to renew support directly from your account under the Licenses link in your user account. Purchase can be done via the online store, alternatively you can contact
  • If support is not purchased you only have access to the latest release. No feature/performance improvements bug fixes nor updates to major releases will be available without support.
  • If support is not renewed after 1 year, new licenses will be priced at the cumulative support price from the original purchase date to the present (whenever this amount exceeds the list price of a regular license, the support will be priced at the license list price).
  • By default issues logged on the issue tracker will be visible to all AtomKraft customers. If you want your issues to be private to your account (or to your company site) please contact and we'll setup a private project for you free of charge.


Educational Pack info:

  • We provide educational bundles of 10 licenses for schools and educational institutions/groups upon verification of their identity.
  • For a single student we do not provide an educational license simply because a student can use the free version.
  • Educational licenses have a 1 year validity (12 months from the purchase date). After that they need to be renewed with support.
  • Support/upgrades have a validity of 12 months, after this period they need to be renewed in order to access new versions and being entitled to contact support.
  • Only one person/point-of-contact per educational site is allowed.
  • One very strict rule applies to educational licenses: no commercial work whatsoever is allowed, penalty to an adjustment conversion fee to twice the full pricing scheme of AtomKraft/Nuke with additional cumulative support from the purchase date.
  • Educational licenses require approval to verify the identity of the educational school/institution/group. If purchased from the online store you will be required to provide us information for your educational institution, otherwise you can contact your reseller, or directly contact us by e-mail to


Additional Details:

  • There is neither an additional sales tax, nor a value added tax (VAT).
  • The price is the USD reference price for the online store, pricing might vary for countries with resellers due to additional localized support. Ask the authorized reseller in your region for the relative pricing.
  • You will be able to track your licenses and download your invoices directly from the website, under your user account look for My Licenses and Purchase History.
  • Each AtomKraft/Nuke license is purchased one time only, then support pricing applies: by buying support you will upgrade your licenses to any new version for the next year.
  • All regular licenses are floating and cross platform (the free license is embedded/hardcoded). They can be used on any computer on your network. If you are planning to use more than one computer concurrently for rendering, you need to purchase multiple licenses (as many as the number of computers you wish to use concurrently for rendering).
  • Licensing encryption is changed at every major release (1.2, 1.3, 1.5, 2.0 etc.)
  • Prices can be subject to changes without notice.