ezCloth 2013 enables quick & efficient cloth simulation for games.

ezCloth is a 3DS Max plug-in for creating physics-based cloth animation which can easily build up cloth effects on the existing skinned characters with just a few clicks. ezCloth simulates the bones protects collisions between the skinned cloth meshes and collision objects.



Quick and Efficient Way to Create Cloth Animation
High quality 3D game characters usually require highly detailed secondary motions such as cloth, hair, accessories, etc. However ezCloth can create such secondary motions easily just with a few clicks on existing character models. In addition to this, ezCloth can convert any skinned polygon meshes into dynamic objects and smoothly generate physics based motion of the skinned mesh with exceptional collision handling technology between meshes. The generated motion is baked into bone rotations, so it makes ezCloth possible to replace the time consuming key frame animation with automated simulation instead of such secondary animations without any modifications on existing skinned characters with bones.


Accurate Collision Handling
ezCloth simulates the bones, not the skinned mesh itself. Nonetheless, the collision between skinned mesh and collision objects are resolved by adjusting the bone rotations to avoid interpenetration. Therefore, only storing the resulting bone rotations leads to the resolution of correctcorrect resolution of collision between the skinned meshes and collision objects, and actually it is not possible by simply converting mesh animation into skinning bones’ rotations.


Intuitive and Rich Dynamics Control
Users can modify the material properties of cloth with a simple set of parameters and add wind fields to an ezCloth object for dynamic effects. The rich and intuitive controls enable users to obtain desired results so quickly.


Versatile Functions for Animation Editing
ezCloth provides motion re-sampling, pose blending, smoothing filters for post-processing of the simulated results. Cyclic motions such as running and walking can be produced with a simple combination of such functions. In addition to such editing functions, users can modify any key value of the bones manually, which makes it possible to control the motion beyond physics.


Production-Proven Software
Customers of ezCloth have witnessed five times faster production speed comparing to previous production pipeline, and it is difficult to achieve this quality of the improved cloth motions without ezCloth.


Supported Platforms
ezCloth supports Autodesk 3DS Max 2008~2013 32/64 bit versions in Windows XP/Vista/7.

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