finalF/X Bundle 1.5 consists of three products, finalFlares 1.5, finalDOF 1.5 and pyroCluster 3.5, delivering a powerful bundle of special effects plug-ins for 3ds Max 2008-2011 and 3ds Max Design 2009-2011.



finalFlares 1.5

  • The long-awaited successor to RealLensFlare II effects, the finalFlares engine has been used successfully by many major motion pictures and game titles today, including Lethal Weapon, Lost in Space, Schuh des Manitu, Command and Conquer, StarCraft and Diablo II, among many others.
  • The finalFlares plug-in offers the most sophisticated flare generation technology available for 3ds Max, and as a true atmospheric effect, it finally solves a long lasting problem - lens flares can finally be seen in and behind refracting or reflecting objects. Flares even appear correctly in fog! And the fun doesn't stop there. You can create particle flares using a special Particle Flow operator or the new ACAP technology, thinkingParticles 3.0, for even more control.


finalDOF 1.5

  • finalDOF is cebas's next generation effects tool, providing all purpose Depth Of Field (DOF) & Motion Blur render effects for the 3ds Max and Design. finalDOF is the first plug-in ever to break the borders of the newly introduced layered G-Buffer channels of 3ds Max! With its full support of unlimited G-Buffer channels, finalDOF outperforms any standard 3ds Max Render Effect. High quality Anti-Aliasing Reconstruction after applying a render effect is only possible with the use of all sub-pixel information available from the Renderer.


pyrocluster 3.5

  • pyrocluster offers state of the art volume acceleration rendering technologies, and it is by far one of the fastest and most flexible 3D smoke/cloud generators for 3ds Max and Design. To guarantee a flawless integration into 3ds Max, many new workflow and design concepts have been introduced. pyrocluster is now much more user friendly and offers even better control over volumetric effects, like any other tool for 3ds Max.

Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements

Supports 32 & 64 Bit

  • Installed Network Card
  • Windows XP / Win 2003
  • P4HT or Athlon MP / 64
  • 300MB Free Disk Space
  • Minimum RAM 512 MB
  • Any render engine supporting layered G-Buffer

Host Requirements

  • 3ds Max 2008-2011
  • 3ds Max Design 2009-2011




All CEBAS product licenses are floating licenses.  CEBAS product downloads include floating license manager. 

If running on a single workstation, you can install the license manager on it alongside the main application.

The installer that is downloaded includes installation options for license manager, Plug-in and render node.

For network licenses you must install the license manager on your license server first then activate your key on the license server.  After that you can install the Plug-in on your 3ds Max workstation, launch 3ds Max and access the plug-in from within. When you first attempt to use the Plug-in you will be prompted to activate or give a license server host name. Once you enter your license server info you will be able to use the plugin.

For render nodes, follow the same steps above for the workstation, after you have successfully accessed the plugin from within 3ds Max on the render node, shutdown 3ds Max and your done.

Additional Info



  • All ProOptciSuite users going back to 3ds Max 4, may upgrade to finalF/X Bundle for a very low and affordable upgrade cost



 RFX is available for all your support needs.

  • CEBAS offers email support and online Wiki support page