finalToon R3 is a non-photorealistic renderer (also known as a 'toon' renderer) for 3ds Max 2008-2011 and 3ds Max Design 2009-2011. finalToon is an impressive True Line Renderer that creates 2D cartoon and technical illustrations with unparalleled line quality and rendering speed.

All shading and rendering is done with the production proven 3ds Max Scanline Renderer. When the scanline pass is done, the finalToon line renderer "pops in" and takes over to produce one of the best line renderings available today. Even more impressive, is that finalToon R3 fully supports finalRender and all of its advanced options, including Global Illumination rendering, which means your cartoon style objects will interact with your GI solution! A truly incredible and powerful combination!

finalToon R3 accelerates all line renderings and enables you to even render many more outlines and objects than before. The line rendering algorithms have been worked over in this Release to perform much better with increasing image quality.

Since finalToon R3 is implemented as a 3ds Max Render Effect, you can enjoy all the great benefits of mixing and matching 2D and 3D elements in one render pass without having to sacrifice one renderer for another!

Multiple styles of technical illustration and cel shading looks are supported and you can create your own impressive naturalistic effects such as woodcut-style cross-hatching or pen-and-ink drawings with our advanced controls, then save them to your own library for quick application whenever you need that particular look.

Another feature that makes finalToon R3so special is its ability to render reflections and refractions of all ink lines along with their relevant effects! This feature is currently unique to finalToon and is a huge benefit for 3ds Max users.

Finally, it is worth noting that with a number of 3ds Max users being heavily involved in web content design, finalToon R3 now offers a robust web-enabled output solution complete with Shockwave Flash and Adobe Illustrator support.



  • Different kinds of technical line styles
  • Accurate anti-aliasing for high quality output
  • 2D Effects like: Extended lines, Opactiy and Thickness Pressure, Slash Pen...
  • 3D Effects for Thinner lines and opacity lines depending on distance
  • Hatching to get a hand drawn look of the image
  • Cancas Effect to simulate structured background material (Paper, Linen...)
  • Save all your different line-style settings to share with others
  • Shadow Lines to see contours in dark shadow areas
  • Noise effects like noise, thickness, etc.
  • Edge Map to use any map to control the bump, color, thickness etc of the lines
  • Connected lines to get a comtinuity in the dotted lines all over the image
  • Reflection/Refeaction see accurate line rendering through glass or in a mirror
  • Flash (swf) and Adobe Illustrator (ai) output
  • Cartoon Shader to get the typical cartoon look
  • Color model based on warm/cold color temperatures
  • Global/local line style settings for using infinite different line styles in one scene
  • Material converter for quickly converting the materials into finalToon materials
  • Render Elements support for different lines types like hidden lines, visible lines, etc


Version / Release Updates

FinalRender 3.5 SP8

cebas Visual Technology Service Pack 8 (SP8) update for its 3ds Max core rendering engine finalRender.  Service Pack 8 (SP8) improves overall program stability and enhances workflow as well as network rendering behavior.

Specific Fixes include

  • An issue with Harmonics-GI and active camerafly mode has been isolated and resolved
  • Issues with Hairfarm caused by multithreading have been isolated and fixed
  • Fixes have been made in Render Elements outputting Geometric data, which was showing inconsistent results
  • Repairs were made to Render Elements when used along with Hairfarm, which created inaccurate results
  • Minor crashes when using Harmonics-GI have been resolved
  • Minor crashes in fR-Dirt Material have been isolated and fixed
  • Reported crash when using Distributed Network Rendering along with fR-Dirt material has been fixed
  • Micro Triangle Displacement (MTD) now shows better and smoother results than before

finalRender 3.5 SP8 is available as a free download to all registered customers

finalToon is available as a stand alone product, and it is also part of finalRender 3.5



Specifications & Licensing

Host Requirements

  • 3ds Max 2011, 2010 and 2009
  • 3ds Max Design 2011, 2010 and 2009



All CEBAS product licenses are floating licenses.  CEBAS product downloads include floating license manager. 

If running on a single workstation, you can install the license manager on it alongside the main application.

The installer that is downloaded includes installation options for license manager, Plug-in and render node.

For network licenses you must install the license manager on your license server first then activate your key on the license server.  After that you can install the Plug-in on your 3ds Max workstation, launch 3ds Max and access the plug-in from within. When you first attempt to use the Plug-in you will be prompted to activate or give a license server host name. Once you enter your license server info you will be able to use the plugin.

For render nodes, follow the same steps above for the workstation, after you have successfully accessed the plugin from within 3ds Max on the render node, shutdown 3ds Max and your done.

Additional Info



  • Upgrade from finalToon R2 to R3
  • Upgrade from finalToon R3 to finalRender R3 SE


 RFX is available for all your support needs.

  • CEBAS offers email support and online Wiki support page