Boris Continuum Complete gives compositors and editors a complete plug-in suite. Nearly 200 plug-in filters include 3D Objects, image restoration tools, time-based effects such as Optical Stabilizer, distortion and perspective effects such as UpRez, generators such as Snow, Rain, and Fire, lights such as Glint, Glare, and Glitter, wipe transitions, keys and mattes including Motion Key for automated foreground object removal, colors and blurs, and film, glow, and cartoon effects.


Boris Continuum Complete 10 New Features

Major Headline Features:
• Integrated mocha mask tracking in PixelChooser
• BCC Beauty Studio
• BCC Title Studio
• New Effects & Transitions
• New Pricing & Licensing: Cross-Host License option & lower price Avid option
• New Subscription Plan Option

BCC 10 is the largest update in the product release history and brings major new tools for advanced visual effects, title design, digital beauty work and image restoration. BCC 10 also builds on Boris FX’s history to deliver incredibly fast, GPU accelerated new plug-ins, adding more creative looks, transitions, filters and presets to the expanding toolkit. Available first is the Avid version. 

NEW: BCC 10 for Avid

Now available! New AVX plug-ins for Avid editors. BCC 10 brings major new visual effects and motion graphics tools to the Avid timeline:

  • mocha‘s Academy award-winning planar tracking & masking tools are now integrated into the BCC PixelChooser! 
  • Beauty Studio – A state-of-the-art skin retouching/digital makeup tool to make your talent look perfect. 
  • Title Studio – The next generation of 2D/3D titling and motion graphics tool for designing and animating at any resolution. Includes support for Maxon Cinema 4D models. 
  • New Image Restoration Tools:  
    • BCC Remover fills in missing pixels & removes objects with clone and auto-fill options. 
    • BCC Dropout Fixer restores tape based damaged footage with field dropouts.
    • BCC Reframe reformat and stylize “vertical cell phone footage” into 16 x 9 for broadcast.
  • New Effects:  
    • BCC Light Leaks adds organic & naturalistic “in-camera” light and exposure effects.
    • BCC Video Glitch recreates the distressed look of compression artifacts, signal loss & corrupt digital video.
  • New Transitions: 
    • BCC Cross Glitch mimics abrupt digital signal transitions.
    • BCC Cross Melt conveys a new organic look and feel.
    • BCC Lights Leak Dissolve creates a light exposure-based transition.
    • BCC Cross Zoom combines zoom, glow, and dissolve into one simple transition.

Support for latest Adobe, Sony, and Grass Valley Releases

Boris FX 10 adds new support for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 / CS5.5 (Mac and Windows), Sony Vegas Pro 11, and Grass Valley EDIUS 6. Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 is also supported.


Key Features for After Effects Users

  • BCC 3D Objects category of 3D OpenGL extruded text generators
  • "Digital repair"-style filters such as Smooth Tone, DV Fixer, and Pixel Fixer
  • Professional color grading with built-in masking and keying tools
  • Video noise reduction using video clip spatial and temporal information
  • Over 2000 factory-installed animated presets
  • Over 1500 factory-installed static presets
  • XML preset format means presets can be modified with a standard text editor
  • Single-click custom-preset navigation tool for easy effect selection
  • OpenGL hardware-accelerated vertex and pixel shaders
  • Support for After Effects' camera and lighting system
  • Generate 3D extruded shapes from imported AE spline path mask shapes
  • Localize filter results using imported AE spline path mask shapes or built-in PixelChooser system
  • 3D particle effects including Particle Array 3D and Pin Art 3D
  • Spline-based still and video morph technology
  • Motion Tracking data import and export
  • Volumetric lighting effects and Glows
  • Specular lighting special effects such as Glint, Glare, Glitter
  • Compositing tools such as Light Wrap and Matte Choker
  • Lens Blur, Lens Shape, and Lens Transition filters
  • Natural effect generators such as Snow, Rain, Fire, Stars
  • Motion Key for automated foreground object removal
  • Film Look effects such as Bleach Bypass, Damaged Film, and Grain Match
  • Optical Flow-based image retiming and motion blur effects
  • Automated optical image stabilization without the use of point trackers
  • Automatic keyframe generation based on timeline audio
  • Onscreen controls for easy parameter set-up
  • 64-bit processor support
  • OpenGL hardware-accelerated rendering
  • 16-bit deep-color pixel processing
  • Multi-core performance

Key Features for Final Cut Pro:

  • New BCC 3D Objects category of 3D OpenGL extruded text generators
  • New "digital repair"-style filters such as Smooth Tone, DV Fixer, and Pixel Fixer
  • Over 1500 factory-installed presets
  • XML preset format means presets can be modified with a standard text editor
  • New single-click custom-preset navigation tool eases effect selection
  • OpenGL hardware-accelerated vertex and pixel shaders
  • New Shaders technology
  • Motion Tracking data import and export
  • Volumetric lighting effects and Glows
  • Specular lighting special effects such as Glint, Glare, Glitter
  • Compositing tools such as Light Wrap and Matte Choker
  • Natural effect generators such as Snow, Rain, Fire, Stars
  • Motion Key for automated foreground object removal
  • Film Look effects such as Bleach Bypass, Damaged Film, and Grain Match
  • Optical Flow-based image retiming and motion blur effects
  • Automated optical image stabilization without the use of point trackers
  • Onscreen controls for easy parameter set-up
  • 16-bit deep-color pixel processing
  • OpenGL hardware-accelerated rendering
  • Multi-core performance

Video Effects Plug-in for Autodesk Sparks

Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) V5 Sparks bring a total of 145 special effects plug-ins to Autodesk Discreet System users that want to get the most out of their Linux (or Irix) based compositing and finishing system. With over 10 years of research and development at their core, these Sparks are well thought out and render good clean results. Effects include volumetric lighting, lens flares, glint, depth blurring, 3D geometric shapes, film effects, bump mapping, glows, fast and easy keying, optical flow based time warping, natural effects such as snow, fire, caustics, and clouds, and fully automated organic wipe transitions. New Version 5 filter highlights include Optical Flow-based Motion Key for foreground object removal and Optical Stabilizer for smooth image stabilization.


  • FX Browser

    Quickly and easily find your perfect look.

    The FX Browser™ can be accessed both in each individual filter and as a standalone to browse the entire BCC effects presets library. The built-in browsing history lets you keep track of your most recent searches. All effects play back over video in your timeline, not just a poster frame.

    Preview libraries of saved presets, looks, filters, effects and transitions.

  • Chromakey Studio

    Your one stop shop for keying.

    An advanced and easy to use keyer. No more layering filters upon filters. Junk mattes, green screen smoothing, final matte cleanups, pulling a perfect chroma key, light wraps, and color correcting – all in one powerful filter! 

    • Advanced Chroma Keying
    • Erode & Soften filtering
    • Light Wrap & Color Correction
    • Integrated Pixel Chooser for more masking flexibility 
  • Transitions

    Dissolves, Wipes, Blurs, Oh My!

    BCC 9 delivers 23 new transitions – 3x the amount of BCC 8. Add Flutter Cuts, Blur and Glow Dissolves, a retro Damaged TV Dissolve, and much more to your arsenal. Animating your transitions is even easier with HUD overlay curves. No keyframing needed.

  • Magic Sharp

    Restore and improve footage at amazing speeds.

    BCC Magic Sharp filter uses algorithms to “enhance image detail” while minimizing artifacts associated with traditional sharpening tools.  

    Bring shots back into focus. Fine tune the sharpening while reducing grit and noise. 

    Sharpening is user defined by multiple passes from Fine to Course based on variable parameters for ultimate control.

  • Lens Correction

    A GoPro user's best friend.

    Instantly get rid of the fish-eye warp produced by a wide angle camera lens. Fix perspective corrections. 

    Fast & easy to use. 

    Includes handy presets that were specifically designed for GoPro cameras.

  • Grunge & Edge Grunge

    Add grit, grime, and textures.

    Whether you are working on music videos, sports promos or simply looking to change your footage, BCC Grunge is a cool and fun way to get creative. 

    BCC Grunge combines procedural algorithms with real image textures that can be used on titles and footage to create unique grungy, degraded, torn-up, or melting looks.  

  • Performance Speed-Up

    Open CL and CUDA Acceleration is now available for supported graphics cards. Popular filters such as Lens Blur, Film Glow, and Film Process render 2X faster than before.

    FILTERTested in AVX WIN 

    BCC 8 TIME (seconds)

    BCC 9 TIME (seconds)


    Glint 96 48 50.00%
    Lens Flare 121 94 22.31%
    Pin Art 159 143 10.06%
    Damaged TV 215 66 69.30%
    Scanline 185 111 40.00%
    Extruded Shatter 123 66 46.34%



  • Over 220 Filters from Boris Continuum Complete and Filter Effects Complete
  • Redesigned Custom User Interface with Dockable Tabbed Palettes
  • Image Restoration & Retouching
  • Full Suite of Color Correction Tools including new 3 Way Color Grade
  • Foreground Object Removal
  • 3D Shapes such as Cylinders, Spheres and Cubes
  • Spline Based Masking System
  • Upstream and Downstream Masking
  • Motion Blur
  • Motion Tracking, Image Stabilization, and Corner Pinning
  • Support for 3rd Party After Effects Plug-in Filters
  • Library Browser with Hundreds of Preset Animations

User Interface Improvements

User Interface and Workflow Enhancements include ergonomic, drag-and-drop panels and a curve editor for smooth parameter animation. In addition, many of the included Boris Continuum Complete and Final Effects Complete filters include a new Compare Mode feature that lets you compare the filtered result with the unfiltered source via either a side-by-side view or a live split-screen view. 


New Electronic Help System

A brand new fully searchable electronic help reference system has been added to FX, meaning that you spend more time creating effects and less time figuring out how to do it.


All New BCC Filters With Custom Preset Manager

The original filter effects in FX have all been replaced with the more powerful filters from the Boris Continuum Complete package and the number of effects filters that ship with FX 9 has been increased to a total of 115. The list of filter effects includes blurs, particles, glows, distortions, volumetric lighting, film effects, keys and matting, and procedural generators such as snow, rain and clouds.


FEC Filters

Several filters from the Final Effects Complete package have been included with this latest release of FX. Use FEC Hair to make shapes appear to grow hair along the edges, or FEC Drizzle to make the image appear as though it was reflected in a puddle of rain. FEC Glass can be used to make an image appear to have been cut from glass. Generate kaleidoscope magic with FEC kaleida. Create organic dissolved with FEC Blobbylize.


Keyframe Effects Directly In The Composite Window

Now you can generated keyframed effects right within the composite window, without the need to see the master timeline. Select an element in the composite window by clicking on it and the keyframes associated with that object appear in the mini timeline included in the composite window. Keyframes can be added and directly manipulated right in the mini timeline.


Static Generator for Sony Vegas 7

Users of Sony vegas 7 will now be able to use FX as a static title generator, meaning less rendering and faster effects creation.

16 Bit Color (host dependent)

16 Bit deep-color provides the user with the ability to generate smoother gradients and more precise color correction via an expanded color palette, which expands the available color gamut from 16 million in 8 bit color to trillions of colors. The result is that gradients are far less prone to mach banding or color stepping. 16 bit color in FX is host dependent and will only work in hosts that support this feature, such as Avid systems.


Unlimited Layers of Media

FX includes the ability to create unlimited layers of media of any size, which can be used to generate complex composites using the many apply modes included on each layer. Multiple apply modes can be mixed to generate unique effects. Layers can be masked with the built-in pixelchooser matting and masking system or by adding spline based garbage mattes. The masking system in FX features both upstream and downstream masking, making this a very flexible compositing system.


Oversize Image Import for Pan and Scan

Import image based media of any size into your editing timeline using FX and animate the position and scale of the layer to create smooth pan and scan documentary style effects.


3D Shapes such as Cylinders, Spheres and Cubes

FX includes the ability to map generated text onto 3D objects such as cylinders, spheres and cubes. These objects can be manipulated in 3D space with controls for camera, lights and motion blur. Each of the objects has it's own unique features, such as the ability to disassemble a cube over time or unwrapping a cylinder or sphere over time. Create bouncing balls mapped with video, cylindrical video tunnels or spinning video cubes with ease and speed.


3D User Modifiable Spline Primitive Shapes

Several spline primitive shapes are included with FX and all of these shapes can be filled, stroked or even extruded into 3D objects. The extruded objects can also be reflection, texture and bump mapped for added realism. Every aspect of the shapes can be modified by the user; points can be added, deleted or manipulated just like any other bezier spline shape.


Gradient and Procedural Media Generator

Included in FX is a procedural media generator that is capable of generating smooth gradients with options for linear, contour, bevel, edge and revolve gradient styles. Every parameter of the gradient can be animated, including the gradient color and stops.


Motion Blur

Motion blur is built into every shape track in FX and is used to add a photo-real touch to animated objects. Motion blur can also be used on animated masks to match the natural motion blur recorded by the camera.


Audio Import with Scubbable Waveform

Video composites are more often than not accompanied by audio sound cues like a pop or splash. FX enables users to import scratch audio tracks and the visual cues from the waveform monitor in the timeline helps users to synchronize the video effect with the imported audio track. The audio track can be played with the effect preview and the timeline waveform can be scrubbed to ensure correct synchronization of the audio and video.


Vector Paint System

The vector paint system in FX can be used to generate 2D geometric shapes which can be used as a graphic element in your composition or as part of a mask track. The style palette can be used to apply beveled edges to filled or stroked paint. The motion tracker can be used to automatically lock the position of a paint stroke to moving objects in the image clip.


Volumetric Lighting Filters

Use one of the many included lighting filters in FX to simulate volumetric lighting in which objects appear to be in a scene with hazy air, dust, smoke, steam, mist or fog. Several filters in FX specialize in creating different volumetric lighting effects, such as textured or puffy light.


Motion Tracking, Stabilization and Corner Pinning

FX includes tools such as 4 point motion tracking with sub-pixel accuracy, 2 point image stabilization and 4 point corner pinning. The motion tracker can track an object over time and then apply the recovered motion to a second object, such as paint, to lock the movement of the paint to the motion of the object in the clip. Image stabilization is used to remove unwanted camera shake from a clip and the corner pinning function enables the user to accurately and easily pin one image clip to another image clip with perspective distortion.


Support for 3rd Party AE Plug-in Filters

Most filters 3rd party After Effects filters can be used in FX, and thereby the editing system into which FX is plugged into making it easy to use some of your favorite AE filters in the host editing environment. A complete list of the supported filters is available on the support section of the BorisFX web site.


Over 115 Filters Effects Including Several FEC Filters

FX ships with over 115 distinct filter effects from the Continuum Complete product. Also included are many filter effects from the Final Effects Complete product. Each of the included filter effects has a built-in preset manager, which can be used to load any of the 1000 + filter presets designed to ease effects creation. The preset manager can also be used to save out custom favorite filter effects settings, which can be shared across networked environments. Each filter also includes the pixelchooser masking and matting system and a built-in motion tracker.


Hardware Accelerated OpenGL Previews

FX takes advantage of the built-in OpenGl libraries included with most video cards to accelerate the preview of effects on screen. Although the level of OpenGl support does not extend to rendered output files, this feature speeds compositing and effects generation making on-screen previews immediate, especially useful when dealing with 3D elements.


Library Browser with Hundreds of Preset Animations

The built-in Library Browser contains hundreds of preset compositions, all of which are user modifiable. Categories include animated shapes, filters and complex composites with PIP effects and 3D shapes. Users can save customized composition settings into the Library Browser for future retrieval and use on other projects.

Also Available

Continuum Units

The new Boris Continuum Units family of visual effects plug-ins lets you choose toolsets from the award-winning Boris Continuum Complete plug-in suite that are geared towards your specific needs. 15 Units are available now:

  • 3D Objects
  • Chroma key
  • Cartoon Look
  • Film Process
  • Glitters
  • Image Restoration
  • Lens Flare
  • Light Rays
  • Materials
  • Motion Key
  • Motion Tracker
  • Optical Stabilizer
  • Pan and Zoom
  • Shaders
  • UpRez



Continuum Complete Intro Video from Boris FX on Vimeo.

Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements

The following memory requirements are recommended for both Macintosh and Windows users:

  • Minimum 2GB (assigned to host application)
  • Recommended 2GB+ (assigned to host application)

Boris FX Host Support

Adobe: Creative Cloud 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5 – After Effects and Premiere Pro

Apple: FCPX, Motion 5

Avid: Media Composer 5, 6, 7, 8; Avid Symphony 5, 6; Avid Newscutter 9,10

Blackmagic: DaVinci Resolve 11, 12

Sony Vegas Pro: 11, 12, 13

Assimilate: Scratch 8 

We recommend that you run the latest graphics card driver version supported by your host application. A graphics card with a minimum of 512MB of RAM is suggested; 1GB of RAM is recommended.


Software and licenses are delivered electronically.  Upon purchase you will recieve a download for the trial version of Continuum.  The trial will generate a Unique Product ID, email that Product ID to RFX, the Product ID will be used to generate the permanent license key.

Additional Info

Upgrades / Support


  • Upgrades to v.7 from previous versions available for current owners
  • Prices vary contact RFX for more info.


 RFX is available for all your support needs.

  • Boris FX plug-in purchases include one year of free technical support!
  • Support from Boris is available electronically via email and online support forum