Massive streamlines the generation of arena spectators and crowds moving en masse with breakthrough Massive Ready-to-Run Agents™.

Each Massive Ready-to-Run Agent is immediately available to the artist - pre-built with skeletons, motions, AI, geometry, cloth, textures, shaders and controls.

Massive was designed to speed the work of creative people, even in the face of enormous scale challenges. Large or small effects studios will be able to shortcut the pre-production process, and focus instantly on design and composition, enabling much faster workflow.

Massive Ready-to-Run Agents™ make populating a large scene with Massive easily accessible to all visual effects artists. Just one Massive license coupled with a Massive Ready-to-Run Agent™ from our library allows a single animator to produce a complicated crowd shot in days instead of weeks or months. When you need to put a crowd in a coliseum or send a mob over a hill, plug in a Massive Ready-to-Run Agent™ and the shot is practically done.

Massive is very flexible in allowing the user to build any kind of agents from simple boxes to high-res hero characters. Agents supplied with high-res geometry and detailed motion can look good at any distance. Ready-to-Run agents come supplied with geometry that is suitable for viewing from a moderate distance, but their geometry can be easily replaced with higher resolution geometry by the user if the camera needs to move closer to them. If your scene calls for facial close-ups, Massive allows blend shape animation for fine-tuned facial movements, so there is no real limit on nearness.


Agent Details

Massive can produce a final simulation of as many agents as you need. With very simple agents, hundreds of thousands can be run in one pass. Large numbers of more complex agents, such as typical humanoid agents, can be done in multiple passes, by simulating agents in groups of about 10,000 to 20,000, with each subsequent group able to see and react to the previously simulated groups.

Locomotion Agent™

Comes equipped with a full locomotion brain and a motion library for extras that run, walk, stand and sit.

Stadium Agent™

Provides all of the actions and reactions that go along with filling an arena with a cast of thousands - from quietly watching the game to frenzied cheering.

Ambient Agent™

Fill a plaza or mall with low-key background activities such as milling about, engaging in casual conversation, and talking on the cell phone.

Mayhem Agent™

Create public disorder of all kinds, including riots, political protests, mass panic, and disaster scenarios.

Combat Sword Agent™

First from the New Combat Collection, Combat Swordsman battles it out with a shield and one-handed sword.

Car Agent™

The car agent has a variety of body shapes, grille and light designs, colour schemes and even includes a driver able to turn the steering wheel with his hands. The agent is able to respond to traffic lights, overtake, and avoid collisions by vision.  It uses the Massive Lanes technology to navigate the scene, which provides a simple means for integration with cities, roads, motorways etc.



Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements

Host Requirements

  • Massive Prime
  • Massive Jet



Massive is sold as a floating license. Massive can be run on any machine in your network, but the number of licenses you own is the maximum number of machines that can be running Massive at once. The number of processors running on that machine do not affect the count.

The procedural primitive plugins ( and run_program.exe) do not require a license to run, so if you are doing software rendering on a render farm, you would not need additional Massive licenses on the rendering machines.

Additional Info

Upgrades / Support

Massive Software offers the following Upgrades and Support options:


  • Upgrades from previous versions are included with active maintenance for Massive Prime / Jet


RFX is available for all your support needs.

Massive Software provides Agent support with active Massive Prime / Jet maintenance.