ProAnimator is a application thatgives video editors a way to easily create stylish 3D animations in the editing suite, with familiar looking tools and methods.

ProAnimator comes in two forms: as a standalone application and as an After Effects plug-in. Both products act exactly the same, but the plug-in is integrated into Adobe After Effects, so you can do all of your authoring with After Effects. The standalone application doesn't require a host product, so you may generate your animated movies independent of any particular target. You may even import a standalone ProAnimator scene into the ProAnimator plug-in (or vice versa) for added flexibility.

ProAnimator includes all of the powerful 3D content creation tools as the 3D Invigorator PRO product. It also contains a next generation animation system that can be used to quickly generate complex animations that would take hours to create in other 3D applications.

ProModeler is a standalone application that allows you to create professional-looking 3D models with ease. You have access to all of the features of ProAnimator but without the animation capabilities. You can either generate your images using the high quality Zaxwerks renderer or you can export your 3D models into other 3D packages.


ProAnimator Features

New in version 6

  • Fragment objects or logos into little pieces
  • Object-in-Object reflection with the Ray-Trace Renderer
  • Generate ultra realistic shadows
  • Automatically convert pictures to 3D objects
  • Dozens of new awesome animation presets

Customizable Workspaces

  • The ProAnimator interface has been completely revamped. This lets you customize the workspaces in whatever ways you want, and allows you to jump from one workspace to another easily with the use of workspace buttons.
  • With the new workspace setup, you can open or close as many, or as few panels as you need. This enables you to create complex workspaces where you have access to all the controls at once, or set up simple workspaces where you only need a few controls at a time.
  • Resizable/Repositional panels lets you position every panel so that it's the right size and position. You can also preserve workspace by placing panels into tabs. To maximize a panel, hit the the ~ tilde key. This lets you quickly fine tune all those little details.
  • By being to save and load your own workspaces, you have all your favorite workspaces at your fingertips.

Realtime Drawing Tools

  • Use familiar tools such as the Pen, Pencil, Shape, Text, Selection to build and edit professional logos. New vector drawing tools such as the Auto-curve, Corner Rounding, and Parametric Shapes lets you build objects faster than ever. The Auto-curve tool is a Pen-tool that automatically smoothes out the curves that you draw. The Cornering tools allow you to drag on any corner, and transforms it into a rounded corner or curve. Customizable Parametric shapes enables you to create simple shapes quickly, and edit them by changing the parameters.
  • You can now edit imported Adobe Illustrator files directly within 3D Invigorator PRO. This means, if there's a little curve that needs tweaking, you can adjust the bezier curves right inside the drawing window. There's no need to switch between programs.
  • Many keyboard shortcut commands have been implemented so you can switch effortlessly between the most commonly used tools such as the pen tool, convert anchor point tools, or the point selection tools. Creating cutout is also an easy process. Put shapes into the same layer, and by overlapping one shape with another, the program is smart enough to know which shape to cut out.

Object List

  • The Object List allows you to quickly move objects from one Object Track to another by dragging.  This lets you organize your objects quickly, and also set up parenting and grouping easily. The Object List Preview window also lets you preview your objects so you know exactly what you are editing.
  • The Editor View Sets enable you to save up to eight separate View Sets. Each View Set lets you customize layer settings such as the Layer Visibility, Lock, Editor Visibility, and Object Solo. Switch between different view sets to avoid having to toggle all the settings on and off over and over.
  • New Object Creation buttons allows you to create objects with just a single click. This also enables you to convert vector shapes to Lathe Objects, and vice versa, group and ungroup objects, and delete layers with ease.

3D Text Substitution

  •  If you are interested in making money, this is the feature for you. Text substitution lets you set up an animation once then create variations by simply changing the words in a text file. This means you can create a template animation and render, literally, hundreds of variations without having to rebuild every animation.

Lathe Objects

  • Create lathe objects such as wine bottles, glasses, bowls and more by just drawing the profile of the object. The lathe object automatically updates with every edit of the bezier curve. In the Profile Editor, you can edit the shape of the lathe so you have oval containers, or any other shape that you draw.

Import/Export Objects

  • ProAnimator enables you to set up 3D logos, titles and 3D text, color them, apply the materials, maps and object settings, and then save them into files which you can reuse over and over in all your other ProAnimator projects, or even other 3D applications. This is a huge time saver for repetitive work. Not to mention, the import feature is a great resource for users who like to take advantage of all the free 3D models that are available for download.



For those users not needing the animation tools in ProAnimator, or the integration with After Effects, this product is for you.

3D Text Creation

  • Rather than starting in Adobe Illustrator, you can now jump into the 3D process with a full-featured text editor. The 3D text engine can use Post Script Type 1 and True Type fonts resident on your computer system to directly create 3D models using any of the 100 edge bevels included with the program.
  • Each letter can have its own font, size, kerning, tracking, baseline shift, horizontal and vertical scale, color, bevel, position and depth. But the most astounding hallmark to this feature is the ability to change the text at any phase of the production process and retain the color and modeling.

3D Primitives

  • Need a globe? Need a 3D floor? Now one button will get you there. The new primitives engine will create spheres, cubes, planes and cylinders with control over smoothness and size. There is even a control for the shading of the facets so you can create shapes that look like they have been cut from crystal or polished as smooth as a gem.

New Import/Export Format

  • The new Invigorator object format enables you to set up 3D logos, titles and 3D text, color them, apply the materials, maps and object settings, and then save them into files which you can reuse over and over in all your other Invigorator projects. This is a huge time saver for repetitive work.

Edge Styles

  • Once you have selected an Illustrator file to import, you can select an Edge Style to give your object a particular look. Invigorator ships with dozens of Edge Styles for you to choose from. You can even install your own custom edges.


  • Invigorator materials can be simple or complex. A simple material can just be a flat color. A complex material can be partially transparent, bumpy, and have a shiny surface. The Invigorator ships with several Material Swatches, which are easily accessible from the main Invigorator interface. You can apply your saved Material Swatches to different objects, or you can apply them to portions of a split edge.

Object Styles

  • As you begin to use the Invigorator, you may find that you'll want to reuse the style of one object on another. Object Styles make this easy. An Object Style is a collection of an Edge Style, Materials, Object Depth, and a few other parameters. You can save the Object Style of any object and apply it to another. You can even use one of the many Object Styles that ship with the Invigorator.

Manipulator Toolbar

  • Arranging your object in the 3D view is done with the intuitive tools provided by the manipulator toolbar.


  • Invigorator scenes may have multiple lights, each with their own color, intensity, etc. The lights may also cast shadows, adding realism to your images and movies.
  • The Invigorator ships with several light presets and Light Styles, so you may start with one of the presets or you may create your own.



Specifications & Licensing

System Requirements

ProAnimator Application


  • Intel Mac Only
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8, 10.6, 10.7 or higher.
  • A video card that supports floating point calculations.


  • Pentium 4 or better
  • Windows XP service pack 2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • A video card that supports floating point calculations.


ProAnimator FX Plug-in


  • Host: Apple Final Cut Pro 6 & 7 or Motion 3 & 4
  • G5 Power Mac or Intel Mac
  • Mac OS X 10.4.11, 10.5.2 and higher
  • Quicktime 7.4 or higher


ProModeler Application


  • Intel Mac Only
  • Mac OS X 10.5.8 and higher


  • Pentium 4 or better
  • Windows XP service pack 2 or Windows Vista
  • Quicktime 7 or DirectX 9



Licenses and media are delivered electronically.  Upon purchase you will recieve a temporary activation code.  The temporary code is then used to register software on the Zaxwerks website.  After registration is complete your permanent activation key will be sent to you via email.

There are not Network licenses available.

Additional Info

Upgrades / Support


  • Upgrade from ProAnimator 5.x
  • Upgrade from ProAnimator 4.x
  • Upgrade from ProAnimator 3.x
  • Upgrade from 3d Invigorator PRO
  • Upgrade from 3d Invigorator Classic
  • Upgrade from ProModeler
  • Side-grade from ProAnimator FX


 RFX is available for all your support needs.

Zaxwerks offers free technical supprt and feature requests via email or telephone.


Training / Resources

Zaxwerks User Forum