Substance Painter 2017 is out!


Substance Painter 2017 is now available for purchase & upgrade.


Substance Painter 2017 contains the following new features:

- Iray Path Tracer integration for advanced rendering and screenshot capability
- New Smart Masks for creating and using your own mesh-adaptive mask presets
- New Clone tool for copying and pasting parts of textures
- New Smudge tool for blending and spreading colors
- Ability to chain and composite substances
- New content in the shelf: alphas, tools, materials, smart materials, and more
- New interface with reworked colors, icons, and parameter organization
- New Orthographic view mode and Perspective Field of View control
- New Fullscreen mode with interface toggling
- Support for the Specular/Glossiness PBR workflow

Substance Painter 2017 is available for $149 (Indie)/$590 (Pro), or $99 (Indie)/$400 (Pro) to upgrade.

Users who purchase Substance Painter 2017 before April 15th will receive a free Moodpack (value: $49) from the new Substance Store (The coupon for the Moodpack will be sent within a week’s time). Substance Store is a new place for you to find content from curated vendors and is making its first appearance today.

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