SilhouetteFX 6 Released!

New Features in SilhouetteFX Version 6

Line Drawing

Silhouette V6 morphs the industry’s choice for demanding rotoscope, paint and 3D conversion tasks into a full-fledged GPU-accelerated node-based compositing system.

  • More than 130 GPU-accelerated effects and image processing nodes in 14 groups presented in a beautifully rendered tree-based user experience. View any node while editing another allows for very complex composites that can be edited and rendered in a single pass.
  • Roto tools sport greatly expanded depth controls and a real time 3D preview.
  • New shape feathering system that is Nuke compatible, including the ability to feather open shaped “strokes.”
  • Nuke 9+ exporter that offers many options and provides excellent fidelity.
  • Silhouette’s breakthrough hybrid vector / raster paint system is greatly upgraded with increased speed, better clone brush filtering, and tighter tracker integration.
  • Tracking now available as a distinct node allowing use anywhere in the node tree.
  • Region-of-interest (ROI) saves memory and speeds up processing of today’s largest image formats.
  • Resolution independent workflow that never clips overscan areas of sources larger than the Session allowing access with a Transform node or by expanding the ROI.
  • Makes the full compositing environment available via already-famous Python API.
  • OFX plug-ins such as GenArts Sapphire are supported.
  • Improves support for MacBook Pro Retina display for artists on-the-go.